Absolute TRL Recap

Thursday 10.18.01

Host Carson Daly

Location Times Square, NY

Guests Ozzy & Kelly Osbourne, P. Diddy

Ozzy Osbourne stops by to promote his new album called "Down to Earth" and also his current single "Gets Me Through."  TRL shows Ozzy's version of MTV Cribs where he argues about his daughter's favorite type of music which is pop and Ozzy makes fun of it.  Ozzy's daughter Kelly was on the show today to talk with Carson and about his father's new music.

P. Diddy stops by for his 14th appearance on the show, this is a record!  He's been on the show more times than Joey McIntyre.  He has just moved his Sean John fashion show back to NYC.  Also, Carson challenges P. Diddy to a game of golf because P. Diddy has featured his golf skills in a few of his videos like "Bad Boy For Life."
Carson vs. P. Diddy are putting for their picks.  Each have three balls and the person who gets the more balls in the hole get's their pick shown on TRL.  They both scored no golf balls in the hole, so Carson was nice to let P. Diddy's Pick get shown on TRL.  Carson said that he will show his pick next week.
Carson's Pick
Adema - "Giving In"
P. Diddy's Pick  
P. Diddy - "Diddy"
HOT TOPIC: Hiliarie goes out on the streets of Times Square and asks for people's opinion on how they think the movie "On The Line" will do.  The movie is featuring Lance and Joey from *NSYNC.
World Premiere  
Mariah Carey f/ Mystikal - "Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)"

MTV News www.mtvnews.com
John Norris
MTV updates everyone on the new movies coming out this weekend which include "Riding In Cars With Boys" and "From Hell"

TRL Futurecast  
Friday- DMX Premiere & Destiny's Child stops by!
Janet f/ Missy Elliot - "Son Of A Gun"
Sugar Ray - "Answer The Phone"

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