Absolute TRL Recap

Wednesday 10.17.01

Host Carson Daly

Location Times Square, NY

Guests Elisa Donovan, Sum 41, Rashad Haughton

Elisa Donovan from Sabrina Goes To College visits the studios and talks about her show.  Did you ever know that she was kind of part of TRL?  Well, she was in *NSYNC's "I Drive Myself Crazy" video where she was the girlfriend of Joey.

Rashad Haughton, the brother of Aaliyah stops by today to deliver Aaliyah's latest video "Rock The Boat" which was premiered on TRL.  He states that Aaliyah would like to have all of her music out to her fans, so there will be more from Aaliyah coming.  Rashad tells the TRL audience that her movie "Queen Of The Damned" will be released.  There is no word on the Matrix Sequel which Aaliyah was supposed to star in.
Sum 41 stops by and talks about their first headlining tour.  They also say how TRL has changed their popularity in the USA.  Also, they argue about the TRL Videoscope where one of the guys jumping off the high board is not them, but is their stunt double.  They will have a show on MTV on Saturday @ 5PM called MTV Jammed.
TRL Premiere  
Aaliyah - "Rock The Boat"

MTV News www.mtvnews.com
Suchin Pak
Suchin sits down with Shakira and talks about her English debut album "Laundry Service."  She is also making MTV history by having two videos playing on MTV at the same time.  The English version and Spanish version of "Whenever, Wherever."
The "United We Stand, What More Can I Give" benefit concert on Sunday in Washington DC will include *NSYNC, Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Backstreet Boys singing the National Anthem and also Janet Jackson via satellite.

Nelly - "#1"
Linkin Park - "In The End"
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14 DAYS HI: 05 LO: 10 DOWN TWO  

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27 DAYS HI: 04 LO: 09 DOWN ONE  


36 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 11 LO: 08 UP ONE  

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04 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 2 LO: 03 SAME SPOT