Absolute TRL Recap

Friday 10.19.01

Host Carson Daly

Location Times Square, NY

Guests Destiny's Child

Destiny's Child stops by to talk about their new Christmas album "8 Days Of Christmas."  In the album, each of the girls have a solo.  It has been confirmed that Beyonce Knowles is the lead girl in Austin Powers 3!  TRL also shows the DC3 (Destiny's Child) dolls.  Then, Carson played a game which included what each DC3 member thinks of each other.  DC3 has donated $125,000 to LIFEbeat from the TRL Tour!

THE LOWDOWN: Hiliarie gives the weekend's lowdown which includes the movie "Riding In Cars With Boys," the "On The Line" soundtrack, Ozzy Osbourne's new album and also the new Star Wars Episode I on DVD comes out!
TRL Wannabes 
Rob Zombie - "Feel So Numb"
Dr. Dre f/ Knoc-turn'al - "Bad Intentions"
The Strokes - "Last Night"

TRL Premiere  
DMX - "Who We Be"

TRL Debut  
Mariah Carey f/ Mystikal - "Don't Stop (Funkin' 4 Jamaica)"

TRL Droppers  
Mariah Carey - "Never Too Far"

MTV News www.mtvnews.com
John Norris
On December 6th, it may be the day where Jay-Z will have 3 years probation saying that he is guilty of stabbing a person about two years ago.  For more on this story, go to mtvnews.com

TRL Futurecast  
Next Week's Guests: Joey McIntyre, Incubus, No Doubt
Next Week's New Videos: Alicia Keys, Pink, Busta Rhymes
Nelly - "#1"
Aaliyah - "Rock The Boat"
Jessica Simpson - "A Little Bit"
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18 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 1 LO: 10 DOWN FIVE  


06 DAYS HI: 08 LO: 10 UP ONE  


01 DAYS HI: 08 LO: 08 DEBUT  


38 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 11 LO: 08 SAME SPOT

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16 DAYS HI: 05 LO: 10 UP THREE  

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19 DAYS HI: 02 LO: 09 DOWN TWO  

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09 DAYS HI: 04 LO: 10 UP TWO

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14 DAYS HI: 02 LO: 08 UP ONE  

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06 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 2 LO: 03 SAME SPOT  

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17 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 14 LO: 03 SAME SPOT