Wednesday Feb. 28, 2001
todays recap
:: host: carson daly
:: location: times square, ny
:: guest(s): snoop dogg & mandy from temptation island
:: snoop dogg stops by to the east coast to promote his new single "lay-low."  trl looks at his artwork from the last time he visited trl which was on december 12th, 2000 where he had done a very interesting piece of artwork.  so, what happened was that trl played pictionary with snoop dogg where he was the drawer and two teams who had to guess what he was drawing.   the girls were defeated by the guys and they won money from snoop's pockets.   the total amount was around $400.  snoop will be on dfx tonight.
:: mandy lauderdale from temptation island stops by to talk about the show and the finally tonight.  she also disguises herself as stella, a mtv vj yesterday to find out what people thought of temptation island and about the opinions of mandy on the show.  temptation island's finale airs tonight on FOX at 9PM EST (check local listings for your time zone).

:: as usual, the artists who wins a grammy last week feels the grammy bounce, which means a move up the sales charts for their albums.   some of the big winners like u2 moved up the charts from #35 to #11 with a 75% sales increase.  other winneras also moved up the charts including destiny's child, macy gray, moby, jill scott, eminem, and steely dan.  while nsync and britney who went home empty handed fell down some spots on the billboard charts.
:: puffy is on trial tomorrow in new york city where jennifer lopez may be called to testify on friday.

close calls
:: vj for a day winner: anthony (1 wins)
:: 15 s club 7 - "never had a dream come true"
:: 14 dave mathews band - "i did it"
:: 13 trick daddy f. sns express - "take it to da house"
:: 12 3lw - "no more"
:: 11 bbmak - "still on your side"

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random stuff:

10 n/a jennifer lopez - "love don't cost a thing" 37 days
09 n/a 98 - "my everything" 57 days
8 days left!
08 equal eve - "who's that girl" 06 days
07 down 2 black eyed peas f/ macy gray - "request line" 08 days
06 down 2 limp bizkit - "my way" 19 days
05 up 1 o-town - "liquid dreams" 27 days
04 up 3 dream - "he loves u not" 49 days
03 down 1 ricky martin with christina aguilera - "nobody wants to be lonely" 27 days
02 up 1 souldecision - "ooh, it's kinda crazy" 24 days
01 equal backstreet boys - "the call" 27 days
24 days @ #1
streak: 2 days