Tuesday Feb. 27, 2001
todays recap
:: host: carson daly
:: location: times square, ny
:: guest(s): dave mathews band
:: carson shows a video submission for the trl @ your house contest.   this video was from britney in florida who lives in a ranch where she owns a lot of different animals such as a lama, fish, and a parrot.
:: the dave mathews band come by trl to celebrate their new release today "everyday."  they talk about how fun it was to make the video for "i did it" and they talk about the new album.  the band also invites people up to watch them perform the #10 video live in the trl studios!

:: sneak peak of britney premiere on friday of "don't let me be the last to know."  carson says "if justin timberlake is watching, you may want to close your eyes" (lol)!
:: the backstreet boys reclaim the #1 spot after the fall back yesterday to #2!

:: news from john norris about eve's sophomore album called "scorpion" where it includes more singing than she has done before.   she also talks about the success that she wants her album to have.

close calls
:: vj for a day winner: o'brien (1 wins)
:: 15 jennifer lopez - "love don't cost a thing"
:: 14 aerosmith - "jaded"
:: 13 s club 7 - "never had a dream come true"
:: 12 bbmak - "still on your side"
:: 11 mya - "free"

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random stuff:

10 equal dave mathews band - "i did it" 03 days
09 equal 3lw - "no more" 22 days
08 equal eve - "who's that girl" 05 days
07 equal dream - "he loves u not" 48 days
06 equal o-town - "liquid dreams" 26 days
05 down 1 black eyed peas f/ macy gray - "request line" 07 days
04 up 1 limp bizkit - "my way" 18 days
03 down 2 souldecision - "ooh, it's kinda crazy" 23 days
02 up 1 ricky martin with christina aguilera - "nobody wants to be lonely" 26 days
01 up 1 backstreet boys - "the call" 26 days
23 days @ #1
streak: 1 days