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Wednesday 7.9.03
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Hosts Damien, Hilarie, Ashlee, Quddus, Me, You, Everyone
Location The Hamptons, NY
Guests Jessica Simpson

Previously recorded from the MTV Beach House in the Hamptons, NY.

When TRL is previously recorded, that means your votes are not counted until the next tape date, which may be more than a week away. Most likely, the top 10 for previously recorded shows is randomly arranged. Keep that in mind if you vote on a daily basis.

Jessica Simpson visits with 2
video premieres.

TRL Premieres
Jessica Simpson "Sweetest Sin"
Nick Lachey "Shut Up"

MTV News
Reported by Suchin Pak

Talking with Snoop Dogg about
50 Cent's newest track, and his
show, Doggy Fizzle Televizzle.




  Top 10
Lillix "It's About Time"

42 days


peak: 3
Nelly, P. Diddy, Murphy Lee "Shake Ya Tailfeather"

03 days

down 1 peak: 8
Mya "My Love Is Like... Woah"

19 days

up 2 peak: 5
Ashanti "Rock Wit U"

27 days

down 2 peak: 1 (1 day)
Michelle Branch "Are You Happy Now"

23 days

up 1

peak: 2
Ruben Studdard "Flying Without Wings"

03 days

up 1 peak: 5
Kelly Clarkson "Miss Independent"

38 days

down 2

peak: 1 (14 days)
Christina Aguilera f/Lil Kim "Can't Hold Us Down"

02 days

up 1 peak: 3
Good Charlotte "Girls And Boys"

26 days

down 1

peak: 1 (9 days)
Beyonce Knowles f/Jay-Z "Crazy In Love"

16 days

up 2

peak: 1 (8 days)

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