Absolute TRL Recap

Tuesday 05.28.02

Host Carson Daly

Location Seaside Heights, NJ

Guests Ben Affleck, Jesse Camp

TRL kicks off their summer season by kicking off TRL in Seaside Heights, NJ for the MTV Shore Thing Season.

Ben Affleck stops by the show where he promotes his new movie "The Sum Of All Fears" where the movie involves terrorism and the CIA.  Due to his relationship with the CIA, Ben got a real polygraph test to see if he would lie or tell the truth about various things.

TRL had a Mystery Guest on today's show.  People asked the guests questions to find out that it was Jesse Camp.  MTV's first VJ that was chosen by the people.  It was kind of a mini reunion for him because he started to work for MTV when MTV was in Seaside Heights.

Carson's Pick:
Ja Rule f/ Ashanti, Charli Baltimore, Vita - "Down 4 U"
MTV News www.mtvnews.com
Reported By: John Norris

MTV reports Eminem news about how his album was bumped up two weeks due to internet bootlegs.  MTV also followed him to Washington DC where he performed his new material.  Tomorrow night on MTV, there is a special interview with Eminem about his life.

03 DAYS HI: 08 LO: 10 DOWN TWO   


46 DAYS HI: 03 LO: 10 SAME SPOT  


02 DAYS HI: 08 LO: 10 UP TWO  


20 DAYS  HI: 02 LO: 09 SAME SPOT   


09 DAYS HI: 03 LO: 10 SAME SPOT  


33 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 10 LO: 10 DOWN THREE     


17 DAYS  DAYS @ #1: 02 LO: 09 SAME SPOT   


04 DAYS HI: 03 LO: 10 UP TWO  

Britney Spears - "Overprotected"

37 DAYS  DAYS @ #1: 10 LO: 08 UP ONE   


13 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 08 LO: 04 SAME SPOT