thurs., may 24, 2001
show #673
todays recap
:: host: brian mcfayden
:: location: times square, ny
:: guest(s)real world members
:: brian mcfayden hosts today because carson is currently in key west preparing for the trl retirement home show.
:: trl has a trl history quiz which asks fans questions on trl's history.  if they got the trivia correct, they got 9 tickets to see the movie "pearl harbor."
:: gillian, the trl winner from 5.14.01 who won a trip to hawaii to interview the cast of pearl harbor filed a report.  she showed us what she asked the cast which included ben affleck, josh harnett, james king, kate beckinsale.
:: hiliarie burton from pearl harbor, hawaii interviews the cast also on what they think about each other.  she asked questions like "if ben and josh were in boybands, which boyband would they be in?"
:: two members from the real world stopped by to enjoy the show today.  they were joe from real world miami and matt and real world new orleans.
:: the trl retirement home show will be aired on saturday.  it will show the top 30 retired videos from trl.  also, trl will inducted 4 artists into the trl hall of fame.  each retiree who was retired will get a plaque for their achievement.

:: news with john norris
:: mtv files a report on the kick off of one of the biggest productions of the year, the "pop odyssey tour" from nsync.  they start off with "pop," then some old songs and also new tracks from their new album "celebrity."  mtv asks lance bass why they are touring 2 months before the album is released.

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random stuff:

10 equal willa ford - "i wanna be bad" 03 days
09 na dream - "this is me" 24 days
08 up 1 blink 182 - "the rock show" 04 days
07 down 1 sugar ray - "when it's over" 06 days
06 down 1 christina aguilera, lil' kim, mya, pink - "lady marmalade" 29 days
05 up 2 eve 6 - "here's to the night" 09 days
04 down 2 o-town - "all or nothing" 29 days
03 up 1 britney spears - "don't let me be the last to know" 49 days
02 up 1 jessica simpson - "irresistible" 11 days
01 equal backstreet boys - "more than that" 08 days
streak: 8 days