friday, mar. 30, 2001
show #633
todays recap
:: host: carson daly
:: location: times square, ny
:: guest(s): none
:: today was the last day that trl will play the trl exclusive video.   but before they show it, people had to answer nsync trivia questions to gain seconds of the video.  on the window of the studio, trl had a *nsync o' meter where they kept a record of how long to watch the nsync video.  each time a video was played, there was a trivia question that either added seconds or lost seconds from the total time they were gonna play the video.  if the time were to go to the negatives, they would not get to watch the video, but watch a sucky video such as los del rio "macerena."  as the show was going, trl showed the types of sucky videos they would play, and carson commented that he liked all of the sucky videos.  in the end, the video gets played for 80 seconds.  this song was a remake of janet's song "that's the way love goes."
:: trl t-shirt design contest and trl guest list, all in trl futurecast now!

:: next week on trl: trick daddy performance, eden's crush, cheerleaders

:: news from john norris
:: today, madonna's website has confirmed a worldwide tour starting june in europe and in the states in july.  it has been eight years since her last tour.
:: eden's crush (popstars) gets interviewed and talks about what fame is all about.  their single "get over yourself" is a top selling single on the billboard charts.  also, they will be touring with *nsync this summer.  if you want to catch up on the popstars (eden's crush) show, you can watch mtv tomorrow from noon to catch all the episodes of popstars.

close calls
:: vj for a day winner: t.v. (1 wins)
:: 15 ricky martin with christina aguilera - "nobody wants to be lonely"
:: 14 eve - "who's that girl"
:: 13 eden's crush - "get over yourself"
:: 12 aerosmith - "jaded"
:: 11 jennifer lopez - "play"

:: samantha mumba - "baby come over"
:: nelly - "ride wit me"

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:: jay-z f/ r. kelly - "guilty until proven innocent"
:: sum 41 - "fat lip"
:: fatboy slim - "weapon of choice"

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random stuff:

10 down 3 samantha mumba - "baby come over" 01 days
09 equal nelly - "ride wit me" 01 days
08 up 2 lifehouse - "hanging by a moment" 04 days
07 up 1 o-town - "liquid dreams" 47 days
06 down 2 outkast - "so fresh, so clean" 04 days
05 up 1 destiny's child - "survivor" 14 days
04 down 2 janet jackson - "all for you" 12 days
03 up 2 britney spears - "don't let me be the last to know" 17 days
02 up 1 limp bizkit - "my way" 39 days
01 equal backstreet boys - "the call (remix)" 46 days
41 days at #1
streak: 15 days