wed., mar. 28, 2001
show #631
todays recap
:: host: carson daly
:: location: times square, ny
:: guest(s): none
:: trl plays the "guess the top ten" where the audience has to arrange the videos in the correct order before the show.  while the show airs, and if a person has the video in an incorrect order, the person is sent into the control room which is a very boring place with "old people" according to carson.  in the beginning, the mood in the control room with the losers was very high and happy, but as the show progressed, everyone in the room got sad and bored.  the losers punishment for not knowing the top ten was not be able to watch the trl exclusive.  before the #2 video was shown, there was only 3 people who guessed the entire countdown correctly so far, so carson wanted them to have fun so he ordered pizza and drinks for them.  the two winners who guessed the countdown won a trl gift bag with goodies from trl guests.   such as a ym magazine with o-town's autograph, eminem's book with autograph, etc...
:: trl plays the trl exclusive video from *nsync.  the video "that's the way love goes" will be shown on trl until friday (march 30th).
:: dream reaches their 64th day!  one more day left!  they will most likely retire tomorrow on the show when sean "puffy" combs comes by.
:: trl has already received thousands of entries for the trl t-shirt design contest.  if you would like to participate, fax your design to (212)-258-8719.  note: this is not a toll free number!

:: news from sway
:: an exclusive interview with sean "puffy" combs.  according to sway, the name sean "puffy" combs is dead because sean combs says that the name attracts a lot of negative attention.  combs talked to sway about the time before they announced the verdict and his relationship with jennifer lopez.
:: there will be more of this interview at 5:30pm today on dfx.  be sure to watch it!

close calls
:: vj for a day winner: myah (1 wins)
:: 15 crazytown - "butterfly"
:: 14 ricky martin with christina aguilera - "nobody wants to be lonely"
:: 13 incubus - "drive"
:: 12 nelly - "ride wit me"
:: 11 aerosmith - "jaded"

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random stuff:

10 down 2 outkast - "so fresh, so clean" 02 days
09 equal lifehouse - "hanging by a moment" 02 days
08 down 1 o-town - "liquid dreams" 45 days
07 up 3 jennifer lopez - "play" 07 days
06 equal dream - "he loves u not" 64 days
1 days left!
05 equal janet jackson - "all for you" 10 days
04 equal destiny's child - "survivor" 12 days
03 down 1 limp bizkit - "my way" 37 days
02 up 1 britney spears - "don't let me be the last to know" 15 days
01 equal backstreet boys - "the call (remix)" 44 days
39 days at #1
streak: 13 days