wed., mar. 21, 2001
show #627
todays recap
:: host: carson daly
:: location: times square, ny
:: guest(s): frat boy & heather graham
:: trl shows dream and the backstreet boys from cancun talking about how crazy mtv's spring break will be.
:: trl plays the trl exclusive of nsync's "that's the way love goes."
:: frat boy stops by and interviews heather graham.
::heather invites up all of her fans from times square.
::heather graham talks to carson about her spring break expierience and her new movie "say it isn't so."  then, frat boy comes out and reads the answers that heather answered with such as, "do you where underwear?"   heather graham answers: "no, only at a certain time of a month."

:: news from gideon yago
:: lil' bow wow tour will be headlining a solo tour starting april 13th.   go to for the complete list of tour dates.  many of the tour dates are on weekends because lil' bow wow has to go to school.
:: eden's crush, from the wb show "popstars" will be an opening act for the *nsync summer tour starting on june 19th.  they were interviewed and they told mtv about the first time they heard their #1 single get over yourself" on the radio.

close calls
:: vj for a day winner: brian (1 wins)
:: 15 black eyed peas f/ macy gray - "request line"
:: 14 samantha mumba - "baby, come over"
:: 13 dave mathew's band - "i did it"
:: 12 ricky martin with christina aguilera - "nobody wants to be lonely"
:: 11 jennifer lopez - "play"

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random stuff:

10 n/a eve - "who's that girl" 14 days
09 up 1 dream - "he loves u not" 60 days
5 days left!
08 equal crazytown - "butterfly" 03 days
07 down 1 souldecision - "ooh, it's kinda crazy" 37 days
06 down 1 o-town - "liquid dreams" 41 days
05 up 2 destiny's child - "survivor" 08 days
04 equal janet jackson - "all for you" 06 days
03 down 1 limp bizkit - "my way" 33 days
02 up 1 britney spears - "don't let me be the last to know" 11 days
01 equal backstreet boys - "the call (remix)" 40 days
35 days at #1
streak: 9 days