Friday Mar. 02, 2001
todays recap
:: host: brian mcfayden
:: location: times square, ny
:: guest(s): david arquette & britney spears on the phone
:: brian mcfayden hosts.
:: hiliarie burton is in the studio taking down questions and phone numbers so britney spears can call them and answer the question that the fan may have.
:: david arquette was the first to watch britney's new video and he talks about his new movie "see spot run" and does a 15 second trailer for his new movie.  he also goes out in times square to talk to fans.

:: hiliarie goes to times square and gets people's opinion on britney spears.
:: jerry or "miss britney 2000" comes by to perform "oops...i did it again."
:: britney speasr calls in from los angeles to talk to a lucky britney fan and gives us some information on the video.  and also, she takes the honor of introducing the video.
:: go vote for your favorite video in the friday rearranger for today!

:: next week on trl: aerosmith, carmen electra, sisqo, outkast, eve, world premieres from destiny's child, outkast,  and janet jackson.

:: news from john norris. 
:: napster update on what is happening.  napster may get shut down soon or it may change and have a software that will filter out copyrighted material from the system.
:: news about monica's new album after 2 years of no album being produced.   she talks to mtv about a tragic tradegy that has happened in her life last year when her boyfriend committed suicide.  she is on the rebound and is going into the studios to work on a new album.

close calls
:: vj for a day winner: ryan (2 wins)
:: vj for a day had a britney edition with her videos.
:: 15 britney spears - "baby one more time"
:: 14 britney spears - "(you drive me) crazy"
:: 13 britney spears - "lucky"
:: 12 britney spears - "oops...i did it again"
:: 11 britney spears - "stronger"
World Premiere
:: britney spears - "don't let me be the last to know"

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:: monica - "just another girl"
:: uncle kracker - "follow me"
:: nelly - "ride wit me"

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random stuff:

10 down 4 eve - "who's that girl" 08 days
09 down 1 98 - "my everything" 59 days
6 days left!
08 up 2 trick daddy f/ the sns express - "take it to da house" 02 days
07 equal limp bizkit - "my way" 21 days
06 up 3 3lw - "no more" 24 days
05 equal o-town - "liquid dreams" 29 days
04 equal dream - "he loves u not" 51 days
03 equal ricky martin with christina aguilera - "nobody wants to be lonely" 29 days
02 equal souldecision - "ooh, it's kinda crazy" 26 days
01 equal backstreet boys - "the call" 29 days
26 days @ #1
streak: 4 days