Monday Feb. 19, 2001
TRL Grammy Nominated Artists
todays recap
:: host: carson daly
:: location: times square, ny
:: guest(s): none
::  2 hour edition of trl
::  trl's top ten grammy nominated artists.  the videos were watched by the order chosen by the trl ghetto lottery machine.  the videos were placed in their top ten positions by their total career nominations.  inside the machine were the top ten videos, news ball, and some dead presidents (money).  the money balls included george washington ($1), abraham lincoln ($5), andrew jackson ($10),
$20, $50, $100, and $1000.  the $1000 was given away in the first half of the show, so carson told the $1000 winner to go to the bank to withdraw from carson's bank account $1000 so the show doesn't get boring.
:: the order videos were chosen on the show is in the correct order on the right.
:: world premiere of dave mathews band - "i did it", they will be performing on trl for the first time next tuesday.
:: foo fighters talks about their grammy predictions for wednesday.
:: hiliarie burton is in los angles with christina aguilera who talks about her grammy performance on wednesday and her grammy nominations.
:: hiliarie burton was in bayonne high school, new jersey talking to students about their grammy predictions.
:: the $100, and carson's $1000 was not won by anyone, so they split up the money with in the audience.
:: beyonce knowles from destiny's child will be the new l'oreal spokesperson.
:: backstreet boys are compared with *nsync, where it shows that they haven't been doing so well with their first week sales and their one nomination.

close calls
:: vj for a day winner: erika (2 wins)
:: 15 evan and jaron - "crazy for this girl"
:: 14 jennifer lopez - "love don't cost a thing"
:: 13 aerosmith - "jaded"
:: 12 the corrs - "breathless"
:: 11 bbmak - "still on your side"

TRL Premiere
:: dave mathews band - "i did it"

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random stuff:

03 backstreet boys - "show me the meaning of being lonely" 2001 nominations: 1
career nominations: 7
grammy's won: 0
09 limp bizkit - "rollin'" 2001 nominations:1
career nominations:3
grammy's won:0
01 dr. dre f/ eminem - "forgot about dre" 2001 nominations:9
career nominations:18
grammy's won:3
04 ricky martin - "she bangs" 2001 nominations:1
career nominations:6
grammy's won:1
08 britney spears - "oops...i did it again" 2001 nominations:2
career nominations:4
grammy's won:0
02 destiny's child - "say my name" 2001 nominations:5
career nominations:7
grammy's won:0
05 *nsync - "bye, bye, bye" 2001 nominations:3
career nominations:5
grammy's won:0
06 christina aguilera - "what a girl wants" 2001 nominations:2
career nominations:5
grammy's won:0
07 sisqo - "the thong song" 2001 nominations:4
career nominations:4
grammy's won:0
10 jennifer lopez - "love don't cost a thing" 2001 nominations:1
career nominations:2
grammy's won:0