Tuesday Feb. 13, 2001
todays recap
:: host: ashton kutcher
:: location: times square, ny
:: guest(s): none
:: ashton kutcher hosts the show today.
:: ashton kutcher who is from "the 70s show" shows what the top ten artists would have looked like in the 70s.

:: ashton did a thing called ask ashton where he anwered questions people posed to him like "my boyfriend just broke up with his girlfriend who he had for four years, now he asked me out for valentine's day, what should i do?"  ashton responds and tells her that she should go on the date because that's what the guy wanted.
:: britney spears' retires today at #1 for the first time into the trl hall of fame.   her next video will be premiered next week after she wanted the director to re-shoot the video because she didn't like it.  read the article on "britney scraps video" from mtv uk.
:: oscars nominations report from this morning.  the leaders for this show is gladiator with 12 nods and crouching tiger and hidden dragon with 10 nods for the awards.

close calls
:: vj for a day winner: lorena (2 wins)
:: 15 mya - "free"
:: 14 jennifer lopez - "love don't cost a thing"
:: 13 crazy town - "butterfly"
:: 12 black eyed peas f/ macy gray - "request line"
:: 11 the corrs - "breathless"

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random stuff:

10 down 3 limp bizkit - "my way" 10 days
09 up 1 bbmak - "still on your side" 34 days
08 equal 3lw - "no more" 15 days
07 up 2 98 - "my everything" 52 days
06 equal dream - "he loves u not" 40 days
05 down 1 o-town - "liquid dreams" 18 days
04 up 1 ricky martin with christina aguilera - "nobody wants to be lonely" 18 days
03 equal souldecision - "ooh, it's kinda crazy" 15 days
02 down 1 backstreet boys - "the call" 18 days
01 up 1 britney spears - "stronger" 65 days
1 day @ #1
streak: 1 day