Absolute TRL Recap

Wednesday 01.30.02
SHOW #835

Host Quddus

Location Times Square, NY

Guests --

Quddus hosts today's show where they play Wannabe Battle where he asks fans which video they want to see more between two wannabe videos.  The winner is shown in yellow below:
Jennifer Lopez f/ Ja Rule vs
Nas vs. Jay-Z
Elton John vs. Vanessa Carlton
Jermaine Dupri f/ Ludacris vs. Mystikal

TRL Title Twisters, a game where TRL uses two similar song titles from two artists and puts them together like "I Wanna Be Bad Boy For Life."  Two contestants were required to guess what two artists are included in the title, the correct answer is P. Diddy and Willa Ford.  The two contestants won a $75 FYE Gift Certificate.
Gwen Stefani from No Doubt calls in to talk about the new tour that they have to promote their latest album 'Rock Steady.'  She also talks about future events like the Superbowl and Mardi Gras.
O-Town reaches 62 days, to be retired on Monday!
Shakira reaches 61 days, to be retired on Tuesday!

MTV News www.mtvnews.com
Reported By: John Norris
MTV reports on Britney Spears' first big screen movie debut in the movie "Crossroads" where she kissed someone else besides Justin Timberlake.  Also about Britney is her commercial as a hippie for Pepsi during the Superbowl.
*NSYNC's spring tour will include opening acts from Ginuwine and Smash Mouth.

TRL Futurecast  
Monday: Dave Holmes hosts
Tuesday: Quddus/Stryker hosts
Wednesday: Top Ten Videos
Thursday: Top Ten Videos
Friday: Pamela Anderson hosts
Incubus - "Nice To Know You"
Nas - "Got Ur Self A..."
Elton John - "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore"
Jermaine Dupri f/Ludacris - "Welcome To Atlanta"

01 DAYS HI: 10 LO: 10 DEBUT  


21 DAYS HI: 02 LO: 09 DOWN THREE  


19 DAYS HI: 02 LO: 10 RETURN  


03 DAYS HI: 07 LO: 10 UP THREE   


29 DAYS HI: 02 LO: 10 UP ONE   


61 DAYS HI: 02 LO: 10 DOWN TWO   


07 DAYS HI: 03 LO: 07 UP ONE  


18 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 10 LO: 04 UP ONE   

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62 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 5 LO: 07 SAME SPOT   


50 DAYS DAYS @ #1: 33 LO: 04 SAME SPOT