Absolute TRL Recap

Thursday 01.10.02
SHOW #823

Host Carson Daly

Location Times Square, NY

Guests Hoobastank

Today they were playing random VJ, they just randomly picked a person on the sidewalk of NYC, they brough up a person from Australia, and others.

Hoobastank stopped by to talk about there overnigh debut on trl, though they have been around since 1995. They came up with there name when they were rehearsaing and they found some chalk and they were playinf hoopscoth, then some guys yelled out 'hoobastank'. They are currently on tour with Incubus, they have been said that they sound close to Incubus, in fact they are towns that are right next to each other in Cali. Doug from the group is wild about Teriyaki sauce, He eats almost anything on it and they had a taste test with Ice cream, peaunt butter, corn flakes.

MTV News www.mtvnews.com
Reported By: John Norris (1st time in '02)
The AMA's were given out last night some of the winners include Destinys Child, Alicia Keys, Aaliyah more info here.
Backstreet Boys cartoons? Yes they will be appearing on 'Aurther' in August on a back to school special where they will be stopping by his home time and going up against a band called 'n stink'.

TRL Futurecast  
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Puddle Of Mudd - "Blurry"

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