Absolute TRL Recap

Friday 01.04
SHOW #819

Host Carson Daly

Location Times Square, NY

Guests R. Kelly

R. Kelly stops by TRL to give a knockout performance of 'The World's Greatest' and also he talks about his collaborations with artists like Jay-Z and many others.

There was a tie for the #10 video.  It was between No Doubt's 'Hey Baby' and Enrique Iglesias' "Hero."  The two videos went against each other by a pig race.  Enrique's pig ran to the finish line first, so that was declared as the #10 video.
TRL gives a sneak preview of the new video from Elton John featuring Justin Timberlake as Elton in the 70s.  The song is called "This Train Don't Stop Here No More."  It will be premiered next week with Elton and maybe Justin on the show!
World Premiere
Vanessa Carlton - "A Thousand Miles"

MTV News www.mtvnews.com
Reported By: Suchin Pak
Nick Carter has been arrested in Florida just recently.  He was in an argument and refused to follow police order.  If convicted, he may have to face up to 1 year in prison and a $500 fine.
Grammy Nominations are out!  Some of the multiple nominees include: U2 (8), India Arie (7), Alicia Keys (6), Outkast (6), Ja Rule (3), Jay-Z (3), Destiny's Child (2), Nelly Furtado (4), *NSYNC (2), and Backstreet Boys (1).

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FridayElton John
No Doubt - "Hey Baby"
Ludacris - "Rollout"
Outkast - "The Whole World"

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13 DAYS HI: 02 LO: 10 SAME SPOT   


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