Absolute TRL Recap

Wednesday 01.02
SHOW #817

Host Carson Daly

Location Times Square, NY

Guests Britney Spears (calls) / Malik

In the beginning of the show, Carson goes outside in disguise where he pretends to be a spectator.  He asks the questions to people of why they are standing in the street where they can't even see the studios.  But, in a few minutes, he is found by people on the street when they find out through computers and cellphones and people who are watching TRL.

Britney Spears gives a call to TRL about her new movie.  She also has Carson announce the new MTV contest that gives 10 winners a chance to fly to New Orleans for a pre-premiere of Britney's film debut in 'Crossroads'
Malik from Real World NYC sits in the audience and watches the show.  He talks about the New Year's Eve party that was held in the same room a few days ago.
TRL Premiere
*NSYNC - "Girlfriend"
Carson's Pick
Nas - "Get Ur Self A,,,"

MTV News www.mtvnews.com
Reported By: Suchin Pak
*NSYNC will have a cameo in the new movie 'Star Wars Episode 2.'  A spokesperson announced today that they will be in a big scene as extras.  No word on the real roles that they will be playing.
Lil' Bow Wow talks to MTV about growing up and creating his new album where there is no more child rap.  He wants to stay focused as a rapper and continue to make new music not through a child's perspective anymore.

TRL Futurecast  
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TuesdayMTV"s USO Special
WednesdayBritney calls/NSYNC Premiere
Thursday: Christina Milian's newest video!
Friday: R. Kelly performance
Jennifer Lopez - "Ain't It Funny"
Mystikal - "Bouncin' Back"
Fabolous - "Young'n"

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